About the Chamber

The Van Buren Area Chamber of Commerce was established to help local businesses in the digital age. The chamber works hard to draw tourism and to highlight our member businesses.


Member Benefits

Business Card and Literature Display

The Chamber of Commerce offers a business card and business brochure display and information to provide visitors. Hundreds of people visit the office each year providing excellent exposure for your business. The Chamber is currently using the City Hall as their office.

Membership Stickers

The sticker is an important way to tell your customers you support their community’s Chamber of Commerce. The sticker is the chamber’s logo with the year and is updated each year that you renew.


The Chamber of Commerce proudly serves as a front door to the community. Thousands of requests are made each year for referrals to businesses. Only Chamber members are referred unless there are no Chamber members in the category being requested.


The Chamber of Commerce concerns itself with many issues that impact the livability and well being of the community at large. Your interests are being represented when you join the Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber E-mail Network System

This is used to keep members up to date about various Chamber activities and projects, as well as community activities and projects.

Information Access

The Chamber of Commerce is a great resource on issues that impact your business. It is our goal to make sure you are aware of such information so you can make the best decision possible.

Grand Openings and Ribbon Cuttings

Provided mainly for new members as a welcome to the community, but also available for existing business members who may be expanding or dedicating new facilities.


Perhaps no greater benefit exists for membership than networking with other members. The Chamber of Commerce provides many opportunities for the business community to connect with each other.