Van Buren, Missouri, Big Spring, See Current River

Uploaded on Jun 24, 2011 – with Matt Bedell Van Buren, Missouri lies deep in the southeastern Missouri Ozarks, a lovely and peaceful county seat with a population of 893 contented people. It is a major destination for recreational floating and fishing on the famous and beautiful Current River, as well as sightseeing at one of the world’s largest springs, Big Spring. To locate Van Buren on a map of Missouri, find Poplar Bluff in the southeast corner and follow US 60 west 45 miles. Van Buren is on the edge of a large section of Mark Twain National Forest, and Clearwater Lake & Dam are just a few miles to the northeast. Vacation at Van Buren for a relaxing experience you wont soon forget!

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Big Spring Video 2012

Big Spring, Van Buren, Missouri This video of Big Spring, Missouri was shot in the fall of 2012. Big Spring is the largest spring in the world, with an average of 280 million gallons/day output. Big Spring is located about 4 miles south of Van Buren, MO on highway 103.

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